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Best Photo Printer

Knowing Which Photo Printer Works Best With Your Digital Camera

Now that we are in the digital camera age, having a good photo printer is essential. You want to be able to print out your pictures as soon as you get home. You no longer have to wait, which is one of the best features of the digital camera age.

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When it comes to purchasing the best photo printer on the market today, you should always start with a little bit of research. The reason for this is that there are so many different photo printers on the market, all at different price points, that as a consumer, you can get confused. This is what almost happened in my case. I almost spent $300 on a digital photo printer, when all I needed to spend was $150 on a good photo printer that met my needs.

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When looking for the best photo printer, whether it’s an Epson Picturemate, Cannon i19900 or an all-in-one color multifunction printer, you will want to look for the following features:

* Check for compatibility between your camera and the printer. Technology has advanced to the point of being able to transfer photos directly from your camera to your printer via your USB cable. In addition to this, most photo printers will also accept certain memory cards. You will want to verify that the printer you choose can do both.

" Check the paper and ink cost. If you take a large number of photos, and if cost is an issue, you will want to figure out how much the photo paper and ink will cost you to replace. Most manufacturers will sell these two items as a kit.

* Inkjet or thermal-dye technology: Most photo printers will use one of the two printing technologies. Inkjet printer ink has a tendency to dry out. Therefore, if you go for a long period of time without printing, you may want to purchase a thermal-dye printer. Thermal-dye printers take longer to print, but the ink will last longer.

* Print durability: You will want to make sure that your printed photos will last without smudging. Most thermal-dye printers will apply a clear overcoat to protect your photos.

These are just a few of the features you will want to understand before you make your final purchase. Nowadays, most manufactures like Cannon or Kodak also make photo printers. You will often find that they will be sold in a combination pack.

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